This may have been already answered, but is it possible to setup a report to display all the child rows of a hierarchy when a parent row is selected?  I have different information on several sheets with a couple common reporting columns, but I still run into the problem of report criteria either being too narrow or too broad; if I could setup the report to display all the child rows of the selected parents (which have a common identifer across all the sheets), I could print a summary report of one project (or one type of project), including all conversations and projects/tasks in process associated with that project, which would be EXTREMELY useful. 


I'm hoping there's some simple trick to this that I am missing as a newbie.  Laughing





Hello Elliot, 


At this time we don't have a way to include hierarchies in reporting so that if a parent row is pulled all child rows are pulled as well, but I'll add your vote for this capability to our enhancement request list for our Product team to review. 



Please add my vote too. It makes the use of reporting not very helpful when sharing a project plan with executives. I exported to Excel where hierarchies are shown. However printing is unusual.

I have added your vote, Colleen! 

Update; I've been poking around my sheets, with the help of your tech support (plug to Luka here), and between my searching and his suggestions, I have a workaround that does pretty well.


I setup a checkbox column, and each cell in the column containts the following formula: "=IF(Priority2 = "0 New Lead", 1, 0)".  'Priority 2' is one of the categories in a separate dropdown column, depending on the the prospect's level of interest (this is basically a sales pipeline tracking system).  On the report side, I have the report built on 'priority is 'X'', and 'Report check is checked', to get only the rows with updates for each priority level on a single report.  I still have to update each prospect manually, but I set up a separate standing report for each priority level, which automatically updates when I save the changes (sorry if this is a little basic).


I also created duplicate columns from my other sheets (meeting follow-ups and sales pipeline by stage), and put them in one master sheet.  Since I can create specific reports for each set of parameters I want, there's no reason not to have everything on one data sheet, as I've filtered out or hidden all the extraneous data on each report.


Again; apologies if some of this is a bit basic; it took me a long while to get here, and I wanted to walk through the process so that someone else doesn't have to slog through it like I did.  Money Mouth

Great input, thanks Elliot! 

Please add my vote too.  We have users here at the bank who want to roll reports up to provide to the Exec Team and want to display both the "parent" & "child" rows/data in a collapsable format.  Currently it displays but just shows in cells that kind of seem out there by themselves.

Hi Dawn - I submitted your vote for this!

Add my vote as well. Thx.


Add mine as well.  I'm working on a report across 6 teams, with over 2000 rows, over 70 collaborators and now I have to go in and paste data (repeating) into every column someone wants to filter on or it won't show up.  

Alisa and CDE - your votes have been added!

Please add mine.  If reporting is just a filter of the sheet, then it should be able to keep the heiarchy more simply than me adding a formula in all of my sheets.

I'm in the same boat as CDE> Not as many users, but when it is more complex solution, I am not able to develop users who can master the solution themselves.


Great job security but hard to sell to senior management.



Added, Tim!

Has any progress been made on retaining hierarchy of parent and collapsable child rows in reports? I also have the need to share reports with exec and I want to be able to hide the minutia from their simple, high-level view. In the meantime, how can I create a report showing only the parent rows? (And ... thanks for your input guys!;)

Hi Alicia,


Though this isn't on our Product Roadmap currently, we are tracking input from our customers on this, and I've added your vote for it to our enhancement request list! 

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Been about 2 years, so this may be available and I'm not seeing it, but wondering if any progress has been made on this feature?



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Please add my vote for this feature. Any update on getting this feature added to Smartsheet?

my vote as well please. I have about 15 sheets in 15 different workspaces I need to roll up into one report

Has any progress been made to indicate parent/child rows in reports? We have several parent rows with very similar child rows nested within, and other than being very specific and detailed in the child rows, there's no way to indicate which parent item each child row belongs to in our reports... 

I would also like to be able to use hierarchies in reports. Thanks!

I would love to see hierarchies in reporting or help allow indentation in reports for now..

Please add, would love to have hierarchies available in reports.