The resource allocation is a great addition to Smartsheet.


I need to be able to see allocations by week, month, or quarter, not just by days.


Is there a way in Smartsheet to do this?


If not, how can I do so via an Excel export?




Resource views are only viewed by day but you could export the resource view to Excel (from the Home tab) and import it back into Smartsheet. From there you can manually make calculations to determine monthly and quarterly allocation. For example, sum the percentages for the period then divide by the number of days in the period.

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So there isn't even options for how to export the data to Excel?? So I cannot just export the raw data and create my own pivot tables, etc. without a significant amount of manipulation. 


Resource views are a true oustanding feature!!... being able of compress the view with an by-default average aggregation by week would be a really amazing improvement.


Making online resource capacity analysis combined with capacity planning with your team, inputing allocations percentages by week are so usefull and so a best practice in PM that I'm sure that a lot of people would find it a critical point,


Furthermore I think that having an average by or by years would be nices-to-haves features, but a by-week view is really a must-have.


Where can I do a formal feature request? is this the right channel?




P.S.:The workaround of exporting/importing an excel is just not an option.

Hi Oscar and George! Thanks for the suggestions! I will pass your suggestions along to our product team for consideration in future development. 

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Hi Travis,

Has there been any progress on this or is there a priority list for product enhancements the community can see? 

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Any update on where this is at?  It's been over 3 years and thinking this is a minor view change.

Hi, i would be realy interested in a 'month' view for resources. Did this request get any traction at SS? 

Ilja, there are not any near term plans for this but I will add your vote for it!

Again, adding resouce tracking is a really great improvement.


Unfortunately, only being able to veiw the loading by day is not of any use to me.


The Excel export/import is not sustainable.


At this point, for my situation, the feature is not usable.


Adding a congregated resource loading view is essential to the functionality of this feature as far as I am concerned.


I agree with George Wallace entirely. Add my vote..

+1 vote on this one please. Need the ability to view resources by month or quarter

I agree it is a key feature.

Is there any news on this i.e. having a monthly and quarterly view on the resource view?

adding another vote for this feature... We have some managers looking to other solutions because they prefer resource views of other tools. (I would like to have them use Smartsheet - this would help me make that case better.)

And adding one more vote for this...

Over 2 years and no functional improvements to this? Please add resource view by week, month, quarter. Include an option to show hours or percentages.

This would make resource allocation much more useful.

Thank you

Please add my vote.  Surprisingly this item is still outstanding - seems like low hanging fruit to address the community requesting this function.  Being told by SmartSheet to add the Smart Center module ($$$$) to me is not a viable solution... it's just a view.


Thank you

While trying to search for options on resource views and reading everyone's feedback, it seems as if this should be more of a must on smartsheet rather than paying additional amount of dollars. I'd like to add my vote and would like to request that smartsheet makes this available to all of its customers since this is not a piece that should be modified to fit only certain customers, this should be available to all the customers. This is a need/requirement for any/all projects.

Thank you

Technology leadership at our company is trialing smartsheet for consideration as its collaborative resource capacity tool for both planning and actuals. The ability to dynamically see/share our teams availability at the weekly monthly and quarterly timescales would add significant value and would make this decision easier. Thank you for considering it a high priority to implement this feature. Looking at the history of asks, there is an unmet need here that could be a win win for all. Please add my vote.

Please add resource view by week, month, quarter. Include an option to show hours or percentages ! 

Another vote for refining the resource management piece. Even if the export to Excel was in numbers instead of percentages it would be more useable.

But weekly or monthly rollups are really needed. 


Please add my vote for an aggregated/ monthly view as well! It's a must have feature and seeing resource allocation day by day is not functional, unfortunately.

Thanks so much!



Please add my vote for an aggregated/ monthly view as well! 

Also some sort of resource view sharing, even if to other licensed users...





Hi everyone,

Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment to have your vote added
A New Way to Submit Your Feature Requests
To make your Enhancement / Feature Request count, send in the form above because there isn’t a guarantee, it will be registered otherwise.
Original Post: https://community.smartsheet.com/announcement/new-way-submit-your-feature-requests

Hope that helps!

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

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I've added an Enhancement request as my vote.

Working in the construction industry, a month-by-month resourcing option would be a great enhancement. In addition, I've noticed that  date selection window only allows a 12 month period. My projects typically run 2 years. Flexibility is the key. 

Great tool though


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Hi Richard,

Smartsheet presented some more details about the 10,000ft capabilities at Engage.

More info: https://www.smartsheet.com/content-center/best-practices/engage-content/better-together-smartsheet-10000ft-story


More info: https://www.smartsheet.com/content-center/news/smartsheet-acquires-10000ft-enhance-resource-management-capabilities

I hope that helps!

Have a fantastic week!