Good afternoon,

Is there currently a way to restrict access to a document attached in SS - or is that on the horizon? For our use, most of our documents are able to be viewed by other departments. However, there are certain ones that contain propietary/confidential client information (NOT HIPAA) that we would not want anyone to view outside our area.

We've been talking through options, but are coming up blank since this is a case of other documents in the attachment being necessary to other depts for their information.

Ideas are most welcome!




Maybe storing a link to the document would work if the permissions on the location worked for you.

If the documents are Microsoft type Docs(Word and Excel) then you can place a password into the document and then tell those that need to know what it is.

In reports, you can hide the attachments column, but this may not accomplish your requirements. Besides, if the user has view permissions to the rows in a report, then they have view permissions to the rows in the sheet itself. A workaround would be to not share the sheet at all with the user, and publish the report with the attachment column hidden. Again, this may not do the trick for you, but I thought I'd offer the suggestion.

You might consider storing your files on an external service that allows for password protecting files. Drive, Box, and Dropbox can do this depending on your account and file types