i have an approval workflow that isn't quite functioning as i'd like. It works as follows:

  1.  A Payments Officer inputs data to a sheet and creates a row comment to add context
  2. they then change a status column to "Awaiting Approval".
  3. This send an Approval Request to the contact in the Approver column
  4. The Approver reviews the request and checks the comments at the bottom of the form / email
  5. The Approver posts a note in the comments box to explain their decision
  6. The Approver - selects either the Approve or Decline button
  7. This triggers an email back to the Payments Officer which they then file for their records

My Problem

The comment made by the Approver is displayed in this email to the Payments Officer but the original comments made by the Payments Officer do not persist. Is there any way to ensure that all the comments for that row are drawn through to this email to ensure the Payments Officer has all the context relating to that row?





Hi Lucas,

Update: I misinterpreted the question.

It should show but you'll have to click to expand the comments. 

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Thanks Andree

Expanding the comments in the approval request makes them visible to the Approver but its getting those original comments to persist in the return email to the Payments Officer that is my issue. Any ideas on that one?




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Another workaround could be to send the row for archiving after everything is done because that will include the comments.

Would that work?