Hi Community,


I was wondering if anybody knows a good way to quickly add the same comment to multiple rows. This will be a note to describe the circumstances for the setup of a group of projects on our project register.


Any ideas appreciated.






Assuming you mean in the Comments themselves, then no.

There might be a way to do that using the API, but I haven't run into that use case yet.


Here's some alternatives off the top of my head:


1. Use sheet level comment instead of row level


2. Use one row for common discussions. A PM / worker would need to look at two rows on the sheet - the common and their own project (depending on the way your sheet is organized)


3. Similiar to #2, use a [Setup Circumstances] column to hold a single cell and then each project row's cell in that column would reference the common comment.


4. Zapier (www.zapier.com) can trigger on a new comment, filter on the creator or the content, and then "do stuff". That stuff ncludes 'Add Discussions to Row' - but there is no way to recurse through all of the rows and the Zap row manipulation requires the RowID - so only good for static sheets.

But ... it could be made to work, I think in some cases.


Hppe this helps.



Interesting ideas - thanks Craig. In practice, I don't think these will really help much for my specific circumstances, but they have sparked off some interesting thoughts!