I'm trying to create a web form that allows my users to modify the form that they have previously started. Ideally to save the form and come back to it before submitting the form. Is there any way of achieving this?  Many thanks,  Neil





If there is a way, I haven't found it. I've left partially completed webforms open for just that reason.


Maybe this idea can be added to new feature list to be voted on.



You could send an update request to the user which allows them to edit a submitted row. These can also be scheduled to send on a recurring basis. 

Thanks Tim, thanks John. I don't think sending an update request will be helpful so I will investigate whether I can use Google forms to do the job. Seems a shame to move away from smartsheet for this, but it seems like my options are limited.


Any other creative ideas would be welcomed.



I tested a basic sync between google forms and a smartsheet and it allowed me to modify the submission using the google form.  Thanks for mentionting that!!. I was not aware of this capability. Smile


Unfortunately, I work at a state agency so they probably will not allow me to use google tools due to security issues.   Frown Going to do some checking.



Hi John,


Yes I think I might need to avoid Google forms too because of their privacy policy.  I guess this will change at some point in SmartSheet as right now this is not very useful, but I have no idea when so in the mean time I'll keep searching.


Thanks,  Neil

Is there any update on this topic at this point?

Hi Margaret-- I don't have an update on this feature at this point, but I've added your support for it to our enhancement request list. We do look at customer support for features when considering product updates, so thank you for sharing your input!

Was an update ever created for this at all? See it's a year ago so I presume not but would be very useful if completed.


Would be very handy having the ability to save a partially completed form - especially for forms which have required fields - any update on this?

I too am interested in an update on this. Being able to revisit a form and add information would be helpful.