It would be very, very useful if the users could save the sort criteria as a preset. That way, they could choose from a list of previously used Sort criteria. We have a Smartsheet with a lot of different columns that we contstantly need to change the sorting view, so this would speed up the process.



We were pushing very hard to get saved sorts and filters as selectable views in a sheet we maintain that is very large. The inclusion of Gantt charts in reports has essentially eliminated this need.

It would also be great if a Smartsheet could be set to automatically sort itself whenever a new row is added, a cell's contents are changed, etc. An example would be a sheet where there is a Priority column, and I have various tasks assigned in the rows. When I change the priority of a task, it would be great if the rows would automatically sort themselves by the Priority criteria.

Chris79, are you using reports? A report is essentially a saved filter and sort, with the added bonus of being able to choose exactly what columns to display.

Keep the feedback coming, Chris! It's very helpful as we're thinking through the Saved Views feature. Thanks.

John, I don't use reports. It looks like we will be getting a Basic plan, which I believe doesn't have them. Thanks for the idea, I will still look into them. Thanks for the responses, Kit.

I would love to see this implemented.


I just started using Smartsheet this week, and already I'm getting frustrated by the need to reenter a sort each time I want to refresh my task list or add new items to it.


I have three criteria I use to sort my task list:


1. Done  - All rows marked "done" to the bottom of the list

2. Due Date - Show items due today at the top of the list

3. Due Time - (custom select list:  Morning, Midday, Afternoon, EOD) Show items due today in the order they are due


It would be a huge deal to just click a button and have this sort happen. Or have it happen on a regular interval (that I can toggle on or off, for example).

im experiencing the same issue with a drafting task sheet .  The issue would be that if we created the drafting tasks in each project sheet independently then we would have to go through each project to add /modify task.


Typically we have up to 30 projects going and a project manager will sit down with our drafting manager and go through each one.  Im thinking we would want to build it from the

macro(overall drafting tasks specific to each job) > pushing data to the micro(project specific gant plan).


Im not super knowledgable on spreadsheets but am looking for a work around so we can have a sort function as an active formula in our macro sheet.


please advise if there is a workaround for this


Morgan, have you used the reporting tool before? A report can pull in data from sheets based on criteria you specify and will keep the report sorted based on which column you select.  


You could create a macro report and sort by a certain column. Whenever changes are made to the report to underlying sheet, the report will update and auto-sort itself. 


Check out this article for information on creating reports: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/en/portal/articles/522214-creating-reports

I would also find it extremely useful to be able to save search criteria.  Every time I update my To Do list, it's an unfortunate 5-click process to sort it again.


I'm seeing a theme in this thread that using reports is the solution, but I'd rather not create bloat by adding another sheet with exactly the same information as my source sheet.  I think "Saved Sort criteria" would be a very useful feature for the Smartsheet team to add!



Hi Cory-- I've added your vote for this to our enhancement request list. Thanks for this input and the note on how it would impact your workflow!

Totally agree with these posts. Smartsheets leans on their Reports for a ton of functions, but that requires unnecessary re-creation of sheets (and shuffling columns to get the original view). Would love to see the option to save sort and filter criteria, have them automatically applied to a sheet, and ideally even be able to save several sort/filter bundles for one-click sorting.

Related, it would also be very helpful if you had the option of saving your sorted view for anyone who views the sheet. Again, I know this is possible through Reports, but would really be helpful if you could just save your sort/filter view on the Sheet and have that show up for whomever you share the sheet to, or send the URL link. I could see where you don't always want that, so it would have to be an option to toggle on/off when you share a sheet or send the URL. 

Hi Lynn-- I've added your votes for these features. Thanks for your input!

Same here. 

We have a few different users who need data from different columns.  One team needs it all sorted by a date column, others alphabetically, with different columns visible.  We are currently using two sheets linked and filtered, but this is awkward and easily scrambled.

I will keep trying the report route,but have not figured it out yet.

 I am not a power user.

Could we extend this feature request to also include user defined sort order for the Update Request window? (or just put the newest at the top)

By default, the UR window sorts the entries from oldest to newest.  This is ok if your project only lasts a few months, but in my company our projects run anywhere from 16 months to 3.5 years.  During that time the UR window gets very full of requests, and to manage them I have to either manually change the sort order every time, or scroll to the bottom of the window each time.

What I would like is if we could change the default sort order of the UR window to have the newest at the top (just like the comments are sorted).  I actively manage six project workspaces, which will double soon, so I do alot of clicking and scrolling.  It would be so convenient if the newest UR was at the top.

Thanks y'all.

We have several sheets that function as multidepartmental task coordination centers. Having auto sorting would greatly simplify operation and eliminate wasted time and other issues by less experienced users.

This would be incredibly useful.  In one of my cases, I have a general task list that I would like to sort by Done, Assigned, Status  This allows me to keep the tasks that are open at the top and in order of assigned/status.  As users make updates to the list, I have to re-sort throughout the day.  It would be great to have an auto re-sort or a button that would allow me to re-sort.

Thank You!

This would be great if i can save my default sort, every morning when i open my sheet i need to sort it again

Also would be great to have the sort option even there is a filter applied

And the sort should refresh when saving new data, (option to enable or disable this feature)



The ability to set sort criteria and have it maintained (both in terms of what you selected and update automatically when new data is added) is fairly fundamental to me in this type of sheet. 

I have a task list I sort by due date, priority, and completion status. To have to manually resort every time new information is added is painful.

It shouldn't be a complicated add to just have it remember the last sort setting for your sheet and update either when new information is added or at the next save. 



Would very much like to have the ability to save Sort orders. 

An example use case we have a sheet which lists all projects which covers multiple systems/areas.

We sort by three columns: System, then Priority, then Importance.

Having the ability to save, clone and share these (like Filters) would be immensely helpful!

Numerous threads on this and yet still not a thing.  Why?

Good morning,

Having the sort saved at the sheet level would be most helpful. We have many reports, but the same three people use the sheet for various tasks. Yet we need it to default to a sort that has 3 criteria. I'm constantly having to go in and update the sort criteria as it doesn't automatically save the criteria in the sort window.

It would be wonderful to have this enhancement go into effect, along with the return to the tabs view of our sheets/reports.



PS - We're Smartsheet users for over 10 years and would love to see the same kind of response as was in place in the early years. ;)

I am in agreement that the ability to save a sort would be very helpful, or better yet, a default sort. I have a long task list I have to resort each time I add a new task. I sort it by due date and priority. 

Thank you!

It's been almost 3.5 years since the first post.  Does that translate to "this feature is never going to exist in Smartsheet"?

We are now at 3-3/4 years on this post.  I too would like to save sorts.  Early on in the thread SS employees were pushing for using reports, however I need to work on the data after sorting & would also like to leave the spreadsheet sorted for our next session and I'm guessing using reports doesn't solve that.


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