In Chrome, the scroll bar works when you manually drag it but does not work while using the mouse. The manual dragging is a reasonable workaround but would be nice to be able to use the scroll around on the sheet without the scroll bar. 

This scrolling is not an issue in Firefox or Explorer.



My scroll bar works in Chrome.

Logitech wireless mouse.

Scroll Up/Down

Shift+Scroll Left/Right

Check your mouse settings.


This happens for select users at my organization as well. Any help regarding this issue would be great. It has nothing to do with the settings of the mouse as it works for me but on an identical machine with identical settings it does not work.


MB Pro using the built in trackpad.


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Hi Jonathan,

I have an MB Pro, and it works for me in Chrome. Do they have any plugins/add-ons that you don't have? 

What happens when they try to scroll? Does the window move at all or does something else happen?

Have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting