Is it possible to send an update request to the user assigned to the row?


For example, I have five tasks listed on my sheet, each assigned to a different user.  I would like to select all five rows and hit 'Send Update Request' and use the 'Assigned to' column to determine who it should go to.  


Having to re-type the assignee's name/email seems to defeat the purpose of the contact list column type's functionality.


Any ideas or planned feature updates? :)






This feature would be almost at the top of my wishlist

Good question, Scott! Smartsheet does not have the functionality to send update requests to users assigned to a task - at this time you will need to type in the contact information of who you are sending the request to. 


I will submit your suggestion and add votes for you and Geoff for this functionality. 

We do have the ability to send reminders to users assigned to a row in the Alerts panel. In addition to Update Requests, what other areas would this functionality be helpful? Thanks!

this would also be very helpful in the Alert/Notification section. Not only to the Shared Users, but to other columns of type=Contact List. Including the trigger on FieldValue(s) instead of 'any change'.. :)


We like to use SM for IT tickets or change requests. When ticket has a certain status, send a Notification to Requestor.


Status=Created:             send Notification (conf. with ticket#)

Status=Solved:               send Notification with solution

Status=Wait for update: send Update request 



Yes, this feature would be fantastic! 

Scott and group, 


I have great news. This exact scenario can be solved using Azuqua, an integration partner of Smartsheet. I work for Azuqua and the ability to send update requests to an assigned user of a particular row is one of many scenarios that we enable inside of Smartsheet. 


Using Azuqua you can have a column where the values in the column are checkboxes. Then we set up a monitor to look for boxes that are checked and when that trigger happens we send an update request to the assigned user in that particular row. 


If you want to learn more please visit our app listing at Smartsheet here:



Please feel free to follow up with any questions.


I'll add my name to this request.  


Being able to select a set of rows, and then send an update request based on the email saved in that row, would be very useful.




I vote for it too ! This has to be a basic collaboration feature.



Thanks everyone! I have recorded your votes Smile

This has my vote, too!  Would save so much time. :)

Unfortunately, we've had to move on to more capable project management software.  This missing feature completely negates the benefit of most workflows in Smartsheet, so the software doesn't add much value.


Sorry guys, but you're just too slow.



Chiming in on the request for alerts/update requests that are dynamic based on the current value in the contact list column - I would like to set it up so that the person assigned to a task will get a monthly update request.

I second this motion Smile

Any news on the status of this request?

I second this as well! Any news on the progress?

Hello All—


As you know, we currently don't have this functionality but I've added your votes for this to our enhancement request list for further consideration.


We don't have a timeframe for when this feature would be released in the application.

Can I add my vote for this function please

Has the update that everyone's voted for been incorporated yet?  Looks like this has been going on for nearly (3) years now, which is disappointing.  How long does it take to generally incorporate user improvement requests?

This is definitely a big shortfall right now, especially when there's hundreds of tasks to manage; what is the purpose of assigning tasks if we don't have the ability to send out mass update requests?  Please let me know what I'm missing as well as when this will be incorporated.  Thank you!

This facility is available in the "Alerts and Actions" tab - you will need to create a rule but this has been available for some time now  - since September 2017 if my memory is correct




I would like to add my vote for this function. 

Though I see you can set Approval requests under Alerts and Actions, it seems this would set a rule and I mostly just want to send one-off requests direct from 'Card view' to those contacts in my 'Assigned to' box at different times. At the moment I have to re-type in the email addresses in each time so this improvement would make a big difference!



I am looking for this as well.  In my table, automatic update requests are only available for the system generated fields of Modified by and Created by.  I need to automatically send updates to the person in an Assigned to column.