I have a sheet with information that is not confidential yet isn't information I want to share with all vendors. The managers who can view the sheet already need to see all of the information currently in the sheet. (As the owner, I have other information in columns hidden from other's views )

I set up alerts to go to vendors when a manager approves a task. The vendor has no reason to view the sheet, but I want to keep them updated on the status of a task.

I set up automated alerts to trigger when the status is changed, but I am getting an email that the recipients (who are just vendors and do not use or need to see info on sheet) cannot receive alerts unless I share the aheet with them.

Any work around? I don't want vendors to be able to access or view the sheet. Anyway Smartsheet can still send them an alert? They are are already added as Contacts in the Sheet.




Yes, you have to change the Automation Permission setting to Unrestricted, and then they won't need to be shared to the sheet.

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Our Automation Permission setting is Unrestricted, however the send to contacts in cell automation is only sending to Smartsheet users. Normal send function works fine with same contact.

There are sheet specific automation permission as well as system-level automation permissions.