It would be helpful to be able to set a print range or area for sheets that are very wide and/or long.


Hello Melissa,


You can select groups of rows before clicking the Print button in the left toolbar in order to print a range from your sheet. Were you looking for a different functionality?


Happy to advise and pass your feedback along to our Product team.

Thanks for that info, will that work for columns as well?


If you're printing the Gantt view, you have the option to include specific columns in the print after clicking the Print button.


If you're printing the Grid view, you'll need to hide columns before clicking the Print button. (Right-click the column header at the top and select Hide Column.) You'll still see a sliver of the column, and there isn't a way to avoid that at this time. Details on this can be found in our Help Center article on printing: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/809566-printing-from-smartsheet


You'll want to unhide the columns afterward by right-clicking any column header and selecting Unhide All Columns. See this article for more information: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504696-hiding-unhiding-columns