This morning I received a note that a shared user was removed by that same shared user.

Clayton Harris was terminated a few weeks ago, but it says he removed himself from this specific sheet.  Very alarming!  His SSO account was deactivated.  It looks like he still had access!

In the Activity Log, you can see our head of security Shawn Jones removed Clayton from our main group, which removed him from sharing.  But the alert didn't mention Shawn Jones.

Not sure if anyone has run into this like me, but it would be good for Smartsheet to bug fix this in the future.  

(see screenshots)




I'm working with our Support team to troubleshoot this behavior and will respond back to this thread once I have more information.



Our support team has confirmed this is expected behavior. When someone's sharing access has been removed from the user management form, the change is credited to the person who was removed.

I understand this has caused some confusion and would highly suggest giving any feedback you may have on this to our Product team by submitting a Product Enhancement Request.


Thanks Alejandra.  I still don't understand the "why" behind this design.  If a user is removed from sharing, I still want to know who unshared them.  I'll submit an enhancement request.