I would like to share multiple templates that I have designed so others can use within my company. Does Smartsheet have the capability to share a blank template? 




Hi Eddie,

Yes, it does.

Share a Template

Templates can't be shared individually, but they can be moved into a shared workspace. Anyone shared to the workspace with Admin access can create new sheets from your templates as long as they are a licensed user in Smartsheet.

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

They only need to have "View Only" access to use the Templates. They just can't save it into the Template Workspace without the Admin Permissions.


I have something very similar set up for my teams. A workspace with a bunch of templates in it where everyone has "Viewer Only" access aside from one that has Admin as a backup if I am out for the day.

That way the templates cannot be altered or deleted, but they can be used. They just have to be saved to a workspace where the user has admin or owner permissions or directly into their "Sheets" folder.

It is incredibly disappointing you can't share Templates without a workspace. I just ended up creating a workspace dedicated to Templates.