I've created a Group and can track assigned tasks in a Resource View with the group dynamically. Is there a way to access the group list in a formula on a sheet?

In my sheet, there is an "Assigned To" column which is a Contact List type column. The cell can be assigned to group members and non-group members. The next column, "Group Member," is a Checkbox type column. Is there a formula I can use to automatically check the box in the "Group Member" column if the name/email in the "Assigned To" column is included in the group?



Hi Gregory,

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean Groups that are in Smartsheet (Contacts) or your own in the sheet?

Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s) or some screenshots? That would make it easier to help. (share too, [email protected])

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

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Sure, I'd love to clarify for you.

By Groups I mean as they are defined in "Group Management" under "Account Administration." For example, in the screenshot attached, there is a group that is defined as "Production Floor." The group allows some advanced features such as emailing all group members using only the group name, or sending notifications to the group.

My question is: can I access the group members through a formula in a sheet?

An example of this would be a formula in a cell such as:

=ISGROUPMEMBER("Production Floor",[Assigned To]1)

where the first argument would be the group name and the second argument would be the value I have in a column named "Assigned To" which is either a name or an email of the person assigned to some task I'm tracking in the sheet.


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Thanks, Andrée.

In my case, it wouldn't work at the sheet level; there are many sheets in use and the group members do change somewhat regularly.

Doing a reference sheet might be the solution here. I was just hoping to limit the number of steps (things to update) when the members in the group change.

I'll submit an enhancement request as you suggested.