I am looking for a way within the Sights, Sheet Data widget to update the selected cells as rows are added to the source sheet.  Do we know of a way to accomplish this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.






Good suggestion! At this time, the links are static, not dynamic but I will add this suggestion to our Sights enhancement list! 

Hi Bill,

The best way to show dynamically selected data in a Sight would be to create a Report that contains the data, and add the report to the Sight via a Report widget. Hope this helps, and feel free to let us know if you have follow-up questions.

Hi guys,


I was wondering if there has been any update to this?  It seems like this would be a critical way to make SIGHTS successful. We are trying to use SIGHTS for a management dashboard, but if nothing updates as we add new data to the sheets it seems counter-productive.



Hi Edwin,

Thanks for the question. To clarify, Sights indeed show live data today. There are a couple of ways to build your Sight, depending on exactly what you need:


- If you want to link to particular cells and have their values always be up-to-date, then you can use a Metric widget.

- If you want to show data from rows that are dynamically selected, you should first create a report with the data view that you want. You can set the report to show your desired columns from one or more sheets, and dynamically pull rows based on a query. Then, add the report to the Sight using a Report Widget.  In case it's helpful, you can check out this support article on creating reports.


It sounds like the Report Widget is what you are looking for, but please let us know if this doesn't answer your question.




Hi Daniel,


Thanks for getting back to me.  Sorry I wasn't very clear.  What I am trying to do is create a Metric Widget based off of a cell (lets say A6).  I have a web form that when a row is added it populates the top row. I want the Metric to continue to look at the cell A6.  I want the metric to be whatever is the current value in that cell.   Not follow the cell down the sheet. Does that make sense?  I think that's what the original request was.




Hi Ed,

Thanks for clarifying your question. I would recommend either:

1. Construct a formula in a cell that will always calculate your desired value, and point a Metric widget to that formula cell, OR

2. Construct a report that will just show the cell you want, and use a Report widget.


It sounds like #1 will work best for your scenario. If you'd like assistance constructing the formula, I would recommend emailing [email protected], and the technical support team will be happy to help out.