I would like for the 'Invoice to Cust' Column to update to "No" WHEN 'Cost Recovery' is either "Blank to Invoice" OR "Operation to Invoice".

^Apart from this, if it is doable; I would like to add to this formula of WHEN 'Status' is "To be Invoiced" will update 'Invoice to Cust' to "PENDING"

However, if the last ask is too much, I would love the assistance with the initial ask :)


Thank you!


Hi, try this.  =IF(ISBLANK([cost recovery]2), "No", IF([cost recovery]2 = "Operation to Invoice", "No", ""))

This takes care of the first part.  

=IF(OR([cost recovery]1 = "Blank to Invoice", [cost recovery]1 = "Operation to Invoice"), "No", "")

Here is one that should cover all of your bases

=IF([email protected]="06: To be Invoiced", "Pending", IF(OR([cost recovery]@row = "Blank to Invoice", [cost recovery]@row = "Operation to Invoice"),"No", ""))

It will first check for 06. TO be invoiced and put pending... or it would will put NO or it will be blank. 

Do you have other scenarios? If a user manually inputs anything else in that column it will overwrite the formula. So be careful. I'd lock the column so editors can't adjust it. 

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Hi Mike,

It does work, however I am not able to lock the columns from manual updates from my team. So, I guess for now I will not be putting any automation on that part for now atleast.

Thank you for following up!

Have you considered automating every part of that field? We provided date fields for people to mark when a particular part was complete to do time tracking, and then automated the status based on which "steps" in the process had dates. The same thing could be done with checkboxes too. 

Just a thought.