Members of our department are allowed to work remotely two days each week. We want to set up a calendar where we can show which days each of us will be out of the office. In most cases, each of us will have the same two days each week, but we can change if needed.

I created a new document and went into the Calendar view, but there's no way to interact with the calendar. I click on the calendar squares, and on the date number in the corners of the squares, but nothing happens.

How can we use this calendar tool to track the repeating days of the week each of us will be working remotely?


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Hello Troy,

There is no way to add items to the calendar in calendar view, only edit existing.

I find the best way is to manage everything on the SmartSheet in grid view and then publish the sheet in calendar view, then embed it onto a dashboard that your team has access to. 

Not sure if this helps?


Hi Troy,

You could have a Dashboard with the calendar on one side and a form on the other. You could then use the form to add to the schedule and the sheet to open the events.

Would that help/work?

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Thanks for your responses. After spending some additional time, I've come to the conclusion that Smartsheet will not work for this purpose.

We simply want to have a standing calendar that shows each team member's name on the day of the week they typically work from home, and have the ability for the days to change on a particular week.

On a regular calendar tool (like Outlook), this would involve having a repeating calendar item, and then changing one occurance if needed. In Smartsheet, I would need to create and fill in hundreds of columns just to push this calandar out for a month or two, since there's no reoccurance option for dates in Smartsheet.