I'm incredibly new to Smartsheets (I joined yesterday) and am feeling my way around quite nicely. However, certain things are eluding me.

We have a single smartsheet that contains information that we publish to a website. Each row is an indicator that gets published quarterly.

What I'd like to do is to be able to produce a graph from 4 columns in the sheet, but only on a single row that I could then adjust. I.e. The graph shows columns data from columns 4,5,6,7 in row 1, which I could then adjust to show data from the same columns on a different row....if that makes sense.

I'd like to produce a dashboard that will allow a user to cycle through each indicator and have the graphs and metrics adjust based on the indicator chosen.

Is this possible?



Welcome to Smartsheet and the Community.

Look at:

Reports, specifically how they relate to Dashboards:


For Charts, you can either use the Dashboard widget or if you want to the Chart to be displayed elsewhere, look at the Labs version (don't ask me why they are different)


Use the Report(s) as the data for your Charts make more sense than using data in your Sheet, probably.

For the selection of which row to choose to show, I would start by adding a column to house either a manual selection (check box, Dropdown List, are probably the first methods I would try).

You may need to 'pull' the data from the selected column. Maybe on a different sheet:


or on fixed row on the same sheet (likely using INDEX(...,MATCH()) functionality

Read about functions here:


You won't be able to cycle through the selections FROM THE DASHBOARD. If that is your need, please submit an enhancement request here:


I do have a solution that allows the user to make this choice from a Report, so it is possible.

I hope that helps.