Can someone please explain to me how APIs work ?

I am not familiar with many of the technical jargons used on the SMARTSHEET API link. 

I need to update data on my Gantt charts automaticallu instead of manually inputting the numbers and dates. Can APIs be of any help to carry them out ?

Can I somehow read and write into my Smartsheet, using APIs ?


Thank you




API's can probably do what you need. 


What do you want to do? Can you describe it in more detail?

I would recommend starting to look at a third-party tool like Zapier or similar and if it can do what you need. 

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting


I am handling a number of projects and making Gantt charts to track their progress.

The data for these charts are stored in  MS Excel sheets on my local drive. It becomes cumbersome to manually import the dates and numbers to update the Gantt chart. I want to know, if there is way I can circumvent this problem.

I was thinking if writing a code to read and write from my Excel files to update the Gantt charts would be possible so that, every time a change is made in the excel sheet, the Gantt chart gets updated. 

Since Smartsheet is a cloud based platform, I would have to save my Excel sheets in Onedrive or Dropbox write? Or is it possible to link my Excel sheet when it is present in my Local C Drive ? 

I am relatively new to coding so I am having difficulties understanding the terms in the link you have attached (atleast the introductory part). 

Please let me know if APIs can be used. I was also looking into the new Data Uploader feature. Howver, since its a paid add on, I want to see if APIs can be used.

Thank you