Is SmartSheet looking into making Excel type chart/graph creation available either within sheets or as an addon?





I can't answer that question, but they do have a Chart function that uses the Google Chart functions. Check out the Smartsheet Labs (https://smartsheetlabs.com/)


IMO, very limited functionality, has bugs, but depending on what you are looking for, might be just the thing. 


Hope this helps.



YES PLEASE.  Feature Request - Graphs/Charts.

Let's have some graphs and chart functionality within the tool.  Graphics are very useful for PMs and general managers, and allow for much better digestion of trends and summaries than tables do.


C'mon Smartsheet - you can do it!

Hi Brad, I've passed your (enthusiastic!) feedback on to our Development team. Thanks for the input!

FYI all.

I just tried SS labs for Charts, and it works great.  It's not perfect, but so far I have had good luck with it.  And I can imbed a hyperlink to the chart into the data table, so it's almost as good as having the chart in the table. Cool