Maybe I'm missing something but I feel like working with smartsheets is a lot like building static webpages back in the 1990's*.  Works great when your scope is small but if you want to scale up you need a framework and dynamic content. 

I'm working on Dashboards and reports for more than 100 projects.  This is fast becoming a full time job.  An enhancement to a report requires 100 updates.  New reports need to be rolled out 100x and there are then 100 corresponding updates to project dashboards.  

Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way?   

*yes I'm getting old and this reference dates me but it's the same problem just a different century. 



Thanks, I'm not sure I understand what control center does from the write up.  If you know of any case studies please send me a link.  I'll also reach out to our smartsheet rep. 


I actually thought it felt a bit more like Apple's HyperCard... hahahahahahaaa don't worry, you're not the only one that has been doing this for a while.