We are using a smartsheet to populate a jira project.  basically, a user fills out the webform, it updates the sheet, and then we push that into jira.  


The first issue I'm having is attachments. Is there a way to attach the attachment to the new jira story created from the line item in the smartsheet? it doesn't appear as an option in the drop down menu while i'm creating the workflow.


The second issue I'm having is regarding multiselect droptowns.  I'm importing a field from smartsheet into jira and the destination field in jira is a multiselect dropdown field, and the best i can come up with in smartsheet in the webform is i've created several checkbox fields so that the user can select mutliple departments.  I'd like to use the workflow then to take the selections from those mutliple checkboxes and select the multiple (or single, or zero) options from those checkboxes in the multiselct dropdown in jira.


any suggestions/ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. :) 





Currently we don’t have a way to sync attachments from Smartsheet to Jira but I’ll be sure to add your vote for this capability to the enhancement request list that our developers of the connector review, for possible improvements. 


In regard to the second issue you mentioned, there wouldn’t really be a way to sync correctly to a multi-select dropdown/pick-list in the scenario you mentioned. I’ll be sure to add your vote for this as well. 


If you have any questions on this, or any additional questions on the Jira connector, please email [email protected] and someone from our support team who is specifically trained on the Jira connector will be able to help. 



Zach - thank you for your help! I appreciate you getting back to me & adding votes :) 



Attachments and multi-select sync are simply must have features which I can't understand are not in the inital public release. I appresiate the fact that there is a vote, but there also must be a roadmap. Without this feature, I'll be pulling the plug on the connector. I need to understnad how long I will be waiting for this basic Jira feature.


Thanks, Steve.

I agree this a must for this connector. We are using this connection to send issue with the product over to the development and QA teams. This requires for us to provide a screenshot of the screen and the issue the user is facing. I purchased this connector to avoid having my customer facing teams to login into two different system. 

I'd like to add my vote to attachment sync to Jira being a must-have feature in the connector.

Me too. Is there a place where you can go vote for features? These seems so 1922.

I would like to vote for the attachment transfer to jira also.

Have we made any progress on being able to add attachments?  Is this on the roadmap anywhere.  I cannot believe this is not a feature that is already part of the JIRA connector.