I have a course code 30657.201930 that I am pasting into a cell that is Text/Number. It drops the last zero, so it says 30657.20193, not 30657.201930.

I tried adjusting the decimal points, but I cannot get the zero to stay.

I'd like to keep the ability to paste the course code from another document, but I want to be sure the zero is not left off.

Any thoughts?





You could try prepending the course number with a single quote. 

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That's a good idea. How do I do that if I am pasting several cells from an Excel file (where the data originates)? It pastes that group of cells without the zero. I guess it could just be a part of my "clean up" of the data once it is in Smartsheet...?

I would add an additional column in excel and then use this formula to concatenate your value with a single quote... 

=concatenate("'", Cell reference)

Replace Cell Reference with whichever row you're doing first, then drag down the cell's lower right-hand corner to convert all the numbers for you. 

Then when you paste that number into smartsheet it will convert it to text and remove the single quote. 

See screenshot below for more information. 

Right-click the screenshot to view it larger in a new tab/window.