We will need to create multiple number of sheets periodically and thinking of creating them from a Template. 

The sheets will be quite basic/plain - mainly contain free text, drop down list, number and dates. I am quite sure this can be accommodated by the template. 

Can the template also cater for Approval requests? It will be the same approver each time as well - so it's quite straight forward. Or is this approval request something that needs to be done manually per sheet once it's created off a template?

Thank you. 



Hi Gery,

There are a few different ways to structure it and to answer your question about the Approval Requests. Yes, a Template can have the information included by default.

  1. One Template per sheet
  2. A folder used as a template for the sheets that need to be created periodically
  3. A Workspace used as a template for the sheets that need to be regularly created

Hope that helps!

Which method would work best for you?

Have a fantastic day!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting


Method 1 is probably the one that will work best. We'll create a template for sheet. 

I'm still a bit unsure. Can you please confirm for me, if I understand you correctly, in the sheet template, we can include approval request - the same rule, the same approval - as part of the template? 

Thank you, and sorry for repeating myself!



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Happy to help!

Yes, I can confirm that it will work. The only thing that might not stay is if you have it set up to go to specific people. If I remember correctly, it actually works, but I'm not 100% sure. It could be that the description below isn't updated.

  • Although all alerts & action rules are preserved in the template, any rules that are configured to be sent to specific people (as opposed to a Contact list column) will exclude the email addresses. You must re-enter these email addresses in to these types of alerts & actions rules on any new sheets created from the template.

More info: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522123-creating-using-templates#createtemplate

Will it work the way you need?


Thank you, Andrea. I will give it a try, and write more comments if I need more assistance. Cheers.