I have new sheet to capture client printing and shipping requests using Smartsheet forms.

I have created two forms within the single sheet, some common columns then printing or shipping specific columns.

Due to the number of columns, I created two forms in order to not have one very lengthy form.

Is there any way to have a field in the "Printing" form that would submit the entered printing data and automatically open the "Shipping" form?

Thanks for any help.




Hi Jerry,

Do you want the information to be on the same row or could the printing and shipping be on two separate rows?

If the forms can be on two rows, you can use the URL to the second form and load that after the first form is submitted.

Forms > Edit > Form Options > Confirmation Options > Send the user to this URL > Add the URL to your second form.

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting


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Happy to help!

Another idea!

Maybe have the main form and then automatically send an update request for the second part and in that way it would collect everything in the same row.

The third option would be to use Google Forms or another similar service.