It would be nice to assign colors to sheet tabs for quick identification.



Hi Jim,

Are you trying to identify tabs by what type of item it is, e.g., sheet or report, or something else? I'm asking because we are exploring ideas for design enhancements and want to better understand user needs. Please feel free to use this web form to provide details if you wish.

Hi Kit.  Thanks for asking to clarify.  What I had in mind was a simple way to manually color-code any sheet's tab for quick identification.  For example, we have two main customers, and we have several sheets for each customer.  The ability to color-code per customer would make it quicker to locate a sheet, or we could color-code tabs to identify the "category" of each sheet.  I would find it very useful to have this ability.  Let me know if I'm not clear.

Thanks, Jim!

Hi Jim - 


One route you could go here is to create and brand a workspace for each customer and then add the sheets to the appropriate workspace. This way, the sheets in the workspace would have their own tab colors, logo, etc.