Is there a way to export or print row numbers

This would be so very helpful.

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Hi Angie,

When you print there is a choice to "Include row numbers" on the right side in the dialog window.

Would that work?

Hope that helps!

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Good morning,


In SS there is an option to print row numbers. But there is no option to include them when exporting to Excel. There also is not an option in Excel to print the row numbers (that I could find in print settings).

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You would need to include a column that duplicates the row numbers. I personally usually call it [Row ID]. The formula to duplicate row numbers is...


=COUNT([Column Name]$1:[Column Name]@row)


You would put this in row 1 and dragfill on down. NOTE: The $ used to lock in the row 1 reference at the beginning of the range is necessary for this to work. So is putting this formula in row 1 and dragfilling from there.

Thank you both.


Is [Column Name] the same column? I get a circular reference.

=COUNT([Row ID]$1:[Row ID]@row)


This will be a great formula to put into my arsenal!

That is absolutely beautiful!

This is a wonderful workaround and I will be using it a lot.

I can't thank you enough. Something so simple will save me more work.

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