I am new to all this so please go easy on me all :-)

Our client is a Director that manages two major programs. Within those programs there are several projects that she needs help managing. Each project is assigned to a particular team member. 

I need advice on the best way to track these projects. Do I create a sheet for each and every project and then list the tasks for each project? Is there a way for the Director to see a summary report of each project?

Can anyone suggest another option that would be better or has done the option above and can share more insight. 


Thank You.




My recommendation with the information provided. 

To be able to give better advice I would need more detailed information.

Sheet for every project with the tasks.

Report for every project and also for all projects.

Dashboard with a summary of every project and other data like KPI and similar.

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant / Get Done