I know I'm not alone in my dislike for the new "hamburger menu" feature.  It has resulted in quite a bit of retraining at our facility, across all 3 shifts, sucking time from my already packed day.  The additional clicks necessary to access "active" sheets for the day is almost exhausting.

While I certainly hope Smartsheet LISTENS to our complaints, and returns to the prior interface, I have found a partial work around that has worked OK for me today.

While in the "hamburger menu", click on the file you want to open then right click and select "Open in New Tab".  Repeat this for the tabs you are actively using that day / week.  Now all of them are visible like they where in the old interface.  If you will continue to work in these tabs, set your default launch pages in your browser to open "current pages".  The next time you launch your browser, the same tabs will be visible.  

Again - this is NOT a long term fix.  We should NOT have to continue to adjust our workflow to accommodate a change which added no value to the end user.  We need to continue to work smarter NOT harder.


I completely agree. This has added a lot of time and frustration to my day. Please return it to the previous interface. I could get where I needed to go with about 90% fewer clicks.

The new interface is painful!

I whole heartedly agree. This is not an improvement. Thanks for the workaround.

On another note, you used to be able to open multiple "tabs" from the home screen by selecting all the sheets you wanted to open and click "open". This is no longer possible. I recommend saving all tabs you usually open together in a bookmark folder on your bookmark tab. :\ 

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I have done the above. I actually downloaded Firefox and only use that for Smartsheet so it opens all of my sheets that I use often. It's an okay workaround at best. 

I am a long time user but our company is new to Smartsheet. Not having the menu always active on the left has caused a lot of frustrations and I feel set us back now, especially for our users that only need to view the various data, not actually work in the sheets. 

I agree so much. 

I have to click so many more times now and since my projects change ever 6 weeks, I cannot bookmark any sheets, because that would mean I would have to change my bookmarks every 6 weeks.


This update has just been a general pain in the backside.

I agree!!!!

This is like Microsoft removing the Home button!

Please SS.  Help!

Perhaps Smartsheet can put in the setting to allow for classic view mode. The new webpage layout is not as easy to navigate in my opinion. But then again it could be cause I have used the previous version for several year....

I completely agree with all the voicing of frustration on this garbage UX that Smartsheet has forced upon us.

This was a solution for a problem that did not exist.

I attended the webinar addressing the new UX. Webinar was horrible, presenters were ill prepared, halting, confused. They admitted knowing the new UX would placed more burden on system resources. They also stated that they have no plans to go back to the original interface.

After I filled out my survey of the webinar and sent a couple of emails to Smartsheet support, voicing my displeasure and frustration with the new UX, I received a phone call from Smartsheet. Some poor kid in Sales, trying to talk to me about my issues. He was clueless, of course, kept apologizing for not having answers to my concerns and questions and repeating that he was in sales and didn't have the technical knowledge to help.

These are the signs of a company in trouble, that has no clue how to address the hundreds of  real world user requests that are 2, 3, 4 or more years old that have not been addressed.

Instead, they put on some gaudy lipstick, hoping to distract users from the fact that they do not have the technical expertise to address real needs of users. Things like:

Copying columns within AND between sheets.

Freeze rows

Find and replace for formulas

Conditional formatting for rows

Search the community for your own specific needs and you can find hundreds of users requesting useful improvements that only received the Smartsheet canned response of: "I've logged your vote", then it goes nowhere.

They stopped logging your vote a while ago.


Craig, you are probably right (sadly).

It does make you wonder if the people at Smartsheet USE their product?  Do they have the same complaints about it being slower to navigate among sheets or find a sheet you need to work with quickly?

It's hard to believe that they use this new feature and think wasting time is a good idea.  But, maybe they only have to ever look at one sheet.

That said, even Microsoft backed down and brought back a form of the Start button.



Thanks, Craig.  I've completed the enhancement form - and bookmarked the form.