A sudden shift of rows happened while using smartsheet. The detail is as follows:

Three people worked on a same spreadsheet. One was changing the arrangement of rows, such as shifting row 2 below to row 5, while other two were inputing data in some cells. Then, suddenly some data appeared in rows where no one input any data or move rows to. And it turns out that the data that suddenly showed up was the data which had exsisted in other rows, that is  we didn't move the data but the data move to other cells on its own.

Does anyone know what is going on here? The good thing is no data hasn't been lost. It was just an unexpected movement of rows. I would appreciat it if someone could help me with this.




It sounds like what may have happened is a "merge-save", where the sheet automatically saved and combined information because multiple people had made changes at the same time without saving in between each change. I would recommend that if you are working with multiple collaborators, save often and refresh the sheet as soon as you are prompted.

If you do both of these, you shouldn’t have any issues when working with other users. The only issue would be if you both edit the same cell, who ever saves second will have their data displayed in the cell but you can right click on the cell and select View History to see all changes that were made to the cell. 

You can read more about working with multiple people in the same sheet here.