I have a sheet with 2500+ rows of data + attachments. I would like to allow a technical group the ability to complete the web form with some criteria and return the rows that have the specific value in it. Ideally this would be a nice report nicluding any attachments.


Can this be done?


The other option is to give access to the large sheet, lock the rows, and have them search. However, I would prefer a more user friendly approach.


Thank you.




Hi Jamison, web forms are used to add data to a sheet - not to return rows or a report from sheets. Have you used our reporting tool? Reports allow you to pull in rows (including their attachments) from multiple sheets based on criteria you specific. The users will need to be shared to the sheets the report is pulling from but if you don’t want them to have the ability to make changes, you can share the sheets to them as Viewers and the report as Admins (so they can set the criteria but not make any changes). 


Here is information on creating reports: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/522214-creating-reports



I am hoping my response bumps this back to the top of the list of discussions.


I think a report would work really well. What I would need to do, since I do not want every person who would be searching this to have to rerun the report builder for thier unique query, is to have some sort of front end (which is why i mentioned the webform) that would take the search information (product name, part  number, division, etc.) and use it to run the report.


Can that be done? And if not, is it something that could be accomplished with the API?