is possible to update a sheet thru the form?

I wondering If a could use a form to update information on a specfic row ? Opening the form it shows me all information from a row, allowing me to update anything. 


Hi Ribiero,


as far as I know this would be only possible with the Update Request, but not the Form.


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Hi Guilherme—

Update requests are one option, but you can also click the down-arrow icon just to the right of the row number (which is on the left side of the sheet) and select Edit to get a vertical layout of the row.

Another thing that you might consider is switching to Card View if you want a clean visual appearance—but that might be a larger process change. (Worth a try though, if you're interested in Card View, see this article: https://help.smartsheet.com/learning-track/get-started/card-view)

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I would like to ask the users to update the information without access to data source sheet. On both options I woul have to share the data source to every user then