I Am Trying to find out if i can do a Vlookup from another sheet ?


Basicaly i have a sheet With items and Pricing from 3 Diferent Vendors 


I want on a diferent sheet have all my items in a srop down list and the Rate should Be looked up from the Prcing sheet in other Words i want to Quote it based on a price list sheet 





There currently isn't a way to reference cells in other sheets with Smartsheet formulas but I've added your vote for this on our enhancement request list for further consideration.


To accomplish what you need using the LOOKUP function, the table and the items need to be on the same sheet. 


More on the LOOKUP function can be found in our Help Center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/775363-using-formulas#lookup

We also need this funktion higly... Thanks

Hope more Users need this function, too.

This feature would also been incredibly helpful for our team.

Same here!

If we'd like to switch some activities completely to smartsheet, it's not an option, it's a must!

+1 vote from me.

This would be a MUST HAVE feature!!

Adding my vote! +1 This should be a basic allowable function to help connect sheets.

Yes please, +1 from here for this feature.