We are looking to create a formula to reference a date in another sheet (sheet 2) and than see if the referenced date in (Sheet 2)is before or after the date in the formula sheet (sheet 1).

Forcing a check box or adding a visual identifier to the formula if it is true would be ideal.


I've created this VLOOKUP formula, but keep getting '#UNPARSEABLE'.

Sheet 2 does have parents and children, I selected the children under one parent in the formula below.


=VLOOKUP([$House Number],{TEST_TVMFF Creation Tracker 2019_TEST Range 4}, [House Number]2 ,[false]


([$House Number], - the number in sheet 1

TEST_TVMFF Creation Tracker 2019_TEST  - the name of sheet 2

[House Number]2 - the column number in sheet 2 I am looking to return the value of

[false] - exacte results


Thanks in advance.


Two very minor and easy to miss things...


1: Your $ should be outside of the bracket


2: That same piece is missing a row number.


You have 

[$House Number], 

It should be 

$[House Number]#

where # is replaced either by an actual number or the @row reference.


I am also unsure of your column number portion without being able to see some screenshots or something.