I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I want to control my inventory using a scanning device (maybe an iPhone with an add-on accesory) , how can I connect the information collected from the device to SmartSheet? 


I want to be able to scan a product and add or remove it from  my inventory sheet so my salesteam can look at it and have accurate informaton. 


Any ideas? Best Regards.


Sergio Cavazos




Try AppSheet (www.appsheet.com). It should be able to handle this and it integrates well with Smartsheet.

There are likely other solutions, but I'm familiar with AppSheet, if not the bar-code reader functionality specifically.




 I know this thread is a little outdated; however, my question directly pertains to this subject. I am trying to integrate our barcode reader & excel (.xlsm) document with Smartsheet for a more functional inventory management system. I looked into appsheet, but I'm not sure it will work exactly with this application. I could be wrong - please correct me if I am:)

We have a very lengthy excel document we have been using with a standard barcode reader & zebra thermal printer - I would like to continue using this setup because Smartsheet will not work with our barcode reader & printer. I would then like to find a way to import the .xlsm file into Smartsheet and have a way of updating the Smartsheet to reflect changes made in excel, so we can use all of the functionality of Smartsheet for inventory management and scheduling. I am having trouble just pulling in a .xlsm file.


In my experience, AppSheet is still part of the solution. It will help connect the data in your Excel sheets and your Smartsheet sheets as long as the Excel workbooks are accessible to the Internet.

I have helped build systems that have sheets in Smartsheet, Excel, and Google Sheets (don't ask me why all three, let's just say I lost the argument) and it does this very well.


Hi Sergio,

Did you come up with a solution using Smartsheet?