Good afternoon Smartsheeters ;)

I am only new to Smartsheet and have started working on some existing docs.

We have a very clunky and manual way of applying a designated PRIORITY number.  When the sheet for each project/group of projects is first started, its easy - everything is labelled from 1,2,3,4,etc til the last row.  Then Rows are deleted or new rows added so depending on where it sits from a PRIORITY perspective, we might add it 2 and therefore create 2.1, 2.2 etc as we DONT want to renumber all the others rows.

Once a Row is given a priority number (which is determined externally and then applied to that row/item) then that row/item must keep that number for that project.  

This process limits our ability to use 'sort' and a few other functions.  I have had a look at peoples suggestions re WBS coding (parent/child) but that doesnt seem to work for what we need.  

Also - we are not currently using Parent/Child relationships because of the issues with our need to run a Priority number.  Open to ideas on how to change things so as to get the best out of Smartsheet and ease of use

Any thoughts?







Hi Kristy,

Welcome to Smartsheet and the Community.

What determines the order of the rows? Are they being moved around in the sheet?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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hey Andree

I just realised i hadnt responded to this.  The priority number is effectively the priority of installation of the asset.  So item 1 is installed first, item 2 second etc.  

Our clients may then change their minds and decide to delete some items or add other assets - and because of their installation needs, the new assets may be a higher priority (for water/power access etc) than assets already on the order sheet.  Or, if assets are cancelled, then we can adjust priority to other assets based on raw material availability, manufacturing capacity etc.

We are a construction/manufacturing and rental company - we make portable buildings, and then install them in remote camps, and rent them to the customer for 2-3 years.  The customer may decide to make the mining camp bigger so adds more accommodation blocks (and therefore ablution/wet areas) or may decide to increase the dining/tavern area.  All the changes affect how we plan our production through to delivery and installation.

So - to answer your question - yes, they are being moved around, rows are also added or rows are 'struck through' as no longer needed, and therefore remaining assets need to be reprioritised.


open to all ideas on how to work this?

at the moment, changes around priority happen daily!!







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Happy to help!

I think it would be much simpler to handle if we added parents to the sheet to group the priorities(10,20,30 and so on) or maybe another grouping that would make more sense.

Would that help/work?

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Hey Andree

Yes - i think it would - but i have to convince the main users of that!

They like to export then sort (as sort within Smartsheet is not able to be returned to its original placements). 

If there is a way to use WBS with Parent/child hierarchy, and have the the ability to sort by any other columns and return the data back to its original rows, that would be great!


i can share the sheet with you if that helps




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What would decide the original placements? We could use Auto Numbering, but that would sort by order of when the rows where added.

Also, another way for the users to see it as they want is to use reports because they can sort and filter how they'd like, and it won't affect the sheet sorting.

We are getting closer to a solution, I think! yes

What do you think? Would that work/help?