Hi Team! 

I use web forms to a large degree now for installation sign-offs for our field engineers, they are working great. 

Is it possible to build a conditional branch into a webform? 

So if I ask a question "Are you proud of the installation?"

This is answered via a YES or NO dropdown option 

If "NO" is selected 

Can the webform create a conditional branch to another question saying "Please explain why?"

If Yes is selected, then the 'please explain why' question wouldn't need to be seen or answered

Any help appreciated 






Hi Stuart,

Unfortunately, it's not possible natively today, but it's possible with third party tools like Google Forms.

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Thanks BOTH, I'll take a look at AppSheet. 

Smartsheet if you are listening- it would be great for development if you consider conditional branching and even some kind of MAP tracking for remote workers 


Hi Stuart,

Just an update to my comment last September - we now have good news for Chrome and Firefox users – we have created a solution for Conditional Logic on Smartsheet Forms by using a FREE to download and use extension.

Go here to download the relevant extension   –  (scroll down to Smarter Smartsheet for Chrome or Firefox buttons)

We are working on other Browsers like IE and Safari but not there yet and will announce it when we can.

Our API development team get lots of requests for automation which is the basis of our Smarter Mini Control Center 12 Apps but one request we have been unable to fulfill up to now (unless we use Appsheet with Smartsheet) is the need for Conditional logic aka Cascading Dropdowns, when completing forms in Smartsheet.  See more ....