So i have been tasked with learning the In's and Out's of smartsheet and to find the best way to utilize all of its tools for our company. we currently do the majority of our work through GP which as an accounting program is great but doesnt have the best project managment capabilities. my Question is what would be the best way to present this program as the savior to our companys problems?


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I suggest you satrt with a Discovery process which will unearth the Pro's and Cons of a full Smartsheet implementation. That will provide the evidence for potential benefits and an estimate of costs and time to implement.

From that you can present your case to the board. You can do this as an in depth Discovery or a Light Touch at very low cost if you are struggling to justify the budget for such discovery work. Happy to help if you need it? 


Your continued help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, for starters im not fully sure i even know how to do a Discovery Proccess. All in all im in need of simple direction on how to get from Begining to End. I would appreciate any advice or guidance you may lend. 

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Happy to help by discussing the process to follow and we can do that in a Free online video conference or Screenshare/telecom, whichever you prefer? 

If you can email me your contact info, we can schedule a call this week? 

We are in the UK and look after Clients worldwide, so need to sort out the timezone? 

Details in my profile or email [email protected] 



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Hi Robert did you want to arrange a short conversation around your question? If so let me know when suits you? Regards RichardR