Anyone figure out how to hide rows?  I have a formula that blanks them out, but I would rather them hide and roll up.





Would it work to use a filter?

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå

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I have a formula that is "blanking" the cells, but what I want is to be able to hide them, like you can in excel.  If I don't get this to work probably going to have to go back to excel.....

If you have parent and child rows you can collapse them. You can also right click on the Primary column at the top and collapse all at once.

Not exactly what I am looking for;  I have a formula written to "blank" out cells, but I would rather hide them.

I also use filters for this. I assume because you seem to be adverse to this but haven't stated why, you use filters for other reasons. Unless you are using many filters on the fly (which I often do), adding your 'hide the row' functionality into the filter is one of your best bet.

The other is to use Reports.