Are there any plans to add the ability to display a graphical (hierarchical boxes) WBS?





Hi Stephen, we are looking into adding a WBS into future versions of Smartsheet but but the full scope has not been defined at this time so I am unable to give any specific details on how that may look/work. I will pass your feedback along to our product team!

Ok, great, thanks for the update.



I think that's a fundamental feature in a project management suite.

We're using now Smartsheet and, if this feature isn't implemented soon, we will reevaluate our decision to use this suite.

Good point Stephen to suggest this!


Travis, can you share any status updates for adding a graphical / boxes WBS & Network Diagram?



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This comment is 3 years old and I don't see anything in SmartSheets to do a WBS.  SamrtSheets and all of its online competitors are severely behind the MS Project standard.  I've wasted hours trying to make this thing work.

Stephen, I dont have any updates on those at the moment. I would check out our product roadmap to stay up to date on features we are currentluy working on: https://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap



Ok, thanks.  I had forgotten about the roadmap.  


That was helpful.



Would definitely like to see the addition of a WBS for project management.  Agree completely with comments from Carlos.

Yes, a WBS feature would be fabulous.  Makes good sense for PM software.  Would love to see this added.  Please add my vote Travis.

Please add my vote too.  A PBS/WBS (and OBS) are all important and not having these is one of my main concerns when using Smartsheet.  I have moved the company over to Smartsheet because Microsoft Project is a bit overboard for many of our projects, but without PBS/WBS/OBS (and therefore a RAM), Smartsheet is rather limiting in terms of schedule development.

David and Ben, I have submitted your votes! 

+1 for another vote! 


Currently, I am using MS Visio to create the WBS file, then uploading it as a JPEG image file into my Project Plan. Unfortunately its challenging to keep up-to-date as its not dynamic to any other of the tools.

These graphical heirachical boxes, including the Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS), seems a bit outside of the Smartsheet model.  If SmartSheet could partner with a 3rd party Mindmap software we'd be golden.

Finding a way to link with Xmind would be brilliant - it is by far the best breakdown structure software I have found, so Aaron is right that it would be somewhat reinventing the wheel for Smartsheet to build it.

Thanks everyone - your vote are added! 

Hi Travis, can you please share when this item will be in the WIP? Current road map of new items has not got this item listed? 


Thanks Justin, but the product roadmap has had the same items in WIP for the past couple of months.


Is it possible to see the backlog? As customers we have no idea what ideas have been selected as candidates and therefore it is hard to make product decisions with out the full picture of your roadmap. 



+1 for WBS functionality in SmartSheet, including the ability to easily import an XML file from software like Xmind, WBS tools, etc. Thanks.

Hi Stuart, I've added your vote for this feature, as well as passed on your feedback on importing files from other programs. Thanks for the input!

Dear all / dear smartsheet team,

I don't understand why it is so hard to make this WBS available in smartsheet. If I export a smartsheet into MS Project XML the WBS number can be found as "WBS" and also as "OutlineNumber". So, obviously the information is readily available within the smartsheet code. So, what is the challenge here ????


Best regards.

Nils Götzen

Hi Nils--To confirm, Project automatically generates WBS and "Outline Number" values based on the hierarchy of the rows in your file when it is imported into Project (see here). That being said, I can understand why you would want this functionality as a native feature in the Smartsheet application and I've added your vote for it to the list. Thanks for your input!

I have recently been asked by a client if WBS will be added as a feature of Smartsheet. It would be a really useful feature 


Hi All, 


With the August 2016 update from Smartsheet I was able to set up a structure using the new  count (ancestors(<cell>) formula. This will give my project the levels I required. Not exactly a full WBS but definitely a step in the right direction. 





Add my Vote to a WBS view.  Seems like the indents of the sheet would correspond to the hierarchy view.  It would be amazing to see this type of view down to the work packages.


Add my vote for building a WBS!!

I would like to know the status of this feature to create a WBS.


I'd be happy to go over what I have planned for this, I'd love to know if it would meet your needs. Please send me an email if that would work for you - [email protected]

Thank you!



Hello Kara,

Is this something that Smartsheet will adress on one-by-one basis or is there a plan to actually deliver WBS functionality within the product?

I would appreciate your response.



Hi Manueladolfo, 

I am working on the requirements for something similar to WBS and hope to get it into the development cycle soon.

Thank you,


Hello Kara, 

Thanks for your reply. We've been waiting for this feature for quite long so hearing you're right on it is good news!!

Looking forward to this roll out. Keep the great work!



Hi, I've been waiting for the WBS addition as well. I'm managing a large portion of a project that is scheduled with MS Project on the whole (by my old school boss). The rest of our organization has adopted SmartSheet, and my team is using it to manage our portion of the project. However, our tasks align with the large project schedule, so ideally, I want the WBS to match our large schedule, so when it is updated, I only need to make minor adjustments to mine. I'm baffled as to why SmartSheet did not adopt the WBS numbering system instead of 'automatic numbering.' 

Please make some type of announcement on this soon wink

I needed WBS for a project so I just created my own.  The concept is that for each level of work flow, you will need a field to calculate that item's value and then one field to join them all together.  It's clunky but it seems to work well enough (I haven't reviewed it yet so I may find errors; let me know if you have a better WBS functions).

 Below is the 8th column and join column's formulas for your reference.  Also attached is an image to see how it comes together.

=IF($Item2 = "", 0, IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS($Item2), 1) < 8, 0, IF(AND(COUNT(ANCESTORS($Item2), 1) = 8, COUNT(ANCESTORS($Item1), 1) = 7), 1, IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS($Item2), 1) > 8, [8_WBS]1, IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS($Item2), 1) = 8, [8_WBS]1 + 1)))))

=JOIN(COLLECT([1_WBS]2:[8_WBS]2, [1_WBS]2:[8_WBS]2, >0), ".")




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Hi Diaz,

I am intrigued by your solution and suspect it could be very useful. However, I've attempted to use your script, but either I'm missing something rather basic in the instructions, or there more that needs to be done in order to build it into my Smartsheet. Would you be willing to share a Smartsheet Template so that it's easier to see how this works? Or, if you could help explain how the above formulas can be into a set of rows that produce the results you've shown, it would b a great help.

There's no need to respond right away... enjoy the holiday season!

Many thanks, Stan Shaw

Hi all,

Thinking about an automatic outline number column and how it would work with filters - would filtering be important to you - for example, a filter that "is between" 1 and 3 that would capture 1.1, 1.1.1, up to level 3? Or filter on just top-level rows (1, 2, 3) - or would you not need to filter by outline number at all?

Thanks for the input!



Similar to what the Outline feature in Excel does. Some WBS's expect that a level 2 task, for example, has similar characteristics to another level 2 task somewhere else in the WBS. Some (the only commonality is that they are under level 1 -- but one may be the lowest breakdown and another still a parent to further breakdowns).

However, the more we can slice the WBS, the better, IMO.


I google images "work breakdown structure smartsheet" and the below image comes up. This makes it look like there is a WBS template that can be used, but from this thread and my searches, it seems as if there isn't one? Can anyone from Smartsheet explain?

I don't need a "graphical (hierarchical boxes) WBS", for me hierarchical task ID's would be a great start.

Its a bit tough to say that Smartsheet is progressing when a comment now nearly 4 years old and a functional view like a WBS is still not anywhere on the Smartsheet map.

Where is this item at currently?  Because your support just told me to export into MS Project and then create a WBS from there.


Using three columns, RowID, Level & WBS. I hide RowID and Level.

Task is the column with the Task Names in it.

$1 assumes you are starting on row 1, but change that if you are starting on another row.

RowID: =COUNT($Level$1:$[email protected])

Level: =IF([email protected] <> "", COUNT(ANCESTORS()) + 1)

WBS: =IF([email protected] = 0, "", (IF([email protected] = 1, COUNTIF(Level$1:[email protected], 1), "" + PARENT() + "." + COUNTIFS(Level$1:[email protected][email protected], RowID$1:[email protected], >(PARENT([email protected]))))))

Hope that helps until the feature is added into SmartSheet