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Some column headings that i have set up could benefit by having additional instructions pop up to aid the person completing the sheet with best practice.

can this be done please?


Does the user have to physically work within the sheet? Does the option exist for them to fill out a form that feeds into the sheet instead? That way, you could set up the column headers to read whatever you'd like within the form, as well as add any additional details. For example, our sheet has a column called "End date", but on the form it read "Estimated date of project closeout" with additional details on what must be completed before that date. Or, you can perhaps create an area with "resources" at the top or bottom of the sheet that the user could expand and see a detailed explanation of each column.

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Hi Jane,  Thank you for your suggestion, although we need people working in the sheets really.  We do have some 'Forms' being used and I can see how this would work, just not in this particular scenario.

Thanks again,  Si. 

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Good suggestion Jaye. 

What I think will suit Simon is to create a Row at Row 2 for those instructions within that row according to the column notes, then in Row one "Parent Row"  it can read "Instructions here" and below it a child of Row so it is not visible unless required. 

That will keep the sheet clean but the users have their Instructions. 

Hope that helps. 



Hi Si,

Thanks for the suggestion - we agree that a hover function would be great, I've got this on my Enhancements list!



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Thanks Kara, I'll look forward to that. :)

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