Hi, I have setup a workflow around an "Update Request" but the one field that I would like them to be able to update does not allow it. I have checked that the field is not locked as well. I have attached a snap shot of both the workflow and how the form comes through. What am I doing wrong? 





Hi Cap,

Which field is that they can't update? Are there any formulas in that field? If there are formulas in the cell, it can't be updated with an update request.

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

Hi Andree,

Estimated Finish date. Which I think is driven by the start and project duration. It is a field that can be changed in the sheet and is not locked. 




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See below for the probable reason. You would probably need to change the structure or add a column for the updates.

Hope that helps!

NOTE: If a parent row has a Predecessor value listed, this dependency relationship will drive the Start dates for each child row making them un-editable. Deleting the Predecessor value on the Parent Row will remove this constraint and allow you to manipulate the child row dates individually.

With dependencies enabled, End dates of sub-tasks, as well as Start dates of sub-tasks that are driven by a predecessor, aren't editable from a report, a row update request, the iOS app or the Android app. Instead, you can manually update the Start date and/or Duration of a task and Smartsheet will automatically update the End date for you.