As can be seen in the attached screenshot I have data that is brought into the sheet from a web form.  A time and date stamp is attached at posting (this time and date is correct) however, the date column beside it that is derived from the function Created is not correct is not.

This issue is on all of my sheets and seems to be out by 4 hours. This time difference is the same as the difference between my local time (AST) and GMT.

All my apps are set for AST.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?



Hello Darryl,

On the Smartsheet server side, we store all dates and times in UTC. In the App though, we surface to the user based on their timezone. Since you're timezone is AST, we pass you what our server says is the time and then your Smartsheet instance interprets that time per your Personal Settings. So anything row created after a certain time (8:00pm your time) will show via a formula as the next day. 

You might consider using a different formula to make this work. If you need this to be a Date (as opposed to being just a text value), you could use something like this: 

=DATE(VALUE(MID(Created@row, 7, 2)), VALUE(LEFT(Created@row, 2)), VALUE(MID(Created@row, 4, 2)))

This will display the same value for the Date you see in the Created column.

Just a note, if you're using this as a timestamp type function, I'd recommend submitting a Product Enhancement Request using the link on the sidebar to the right. I know that Timestamps or a time function are something our Product Team is tracking customer feedback on and each vote counts! 



Smartsheet Support