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  • Symbols suggestion...
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    Okay - so mostly in jest, but a few of us would love a "Whack-a-mole" type icon to put on the rows of a few who are forgetting to get their project updated.   Just wanted to toss that out there for others who might have the sam…
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  • Send Row Feature - Remove Log In button?
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    I'd like to be able to send rows to people that are not users in our SmartSheet account, but fill out a form that populates rows in our sheet. Is there a way to remove the Log In button in the header of the "Quick Update" email t…
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  • Display numerical date on Gantt Calendar
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    On the Project task list it will display the numerical date for the start of the week, and then Sun-Sat as single digit letters. Is there anyway to get it to display the numerical date for each day of the week?
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  • Removing Users and Transferring Ownership
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    I'm a new Smartsheet user and I need to remove 7 licensed users from our account and transfer  ownership of about 200 sheets.  I've downloaded the user access summary sheet and I see the name of the sheets they own, but I cannot tell where…
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  • Allowing users to only add a row to a sheet and view only those rows
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    New to Smartsheet and hoping this may be a simple question....   I want to be able to create a sheet that anyone in my company can access, but with the following permission groups:   1. Admin (full access) 2.Edit rights (limited to sp…
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  • Removing Resources
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    Novice question, I'm sure.  Building a project plan, i had added "placeholder" users until the roles were filled by actual people.  Now that I no longer need the placeholders, how do I go about removing resources from the list to…
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  • Conditional Forwarding from Web Forms
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    Hi folks - our business has been using Smartsheet for around 2 years now, but we really haven't taken advantage of some of the more powerful aspects of the software.   I'm learning about forms and their uses, and I've come across a chall…
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  • Publish a Sheet with Cell Linking
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    Hi    I am in the trial phase with this software and am hpoing you can help me understand publising a sheet with cell linking.    I have published a sheet that has cell linking to stakeholders who do not have login credientials for Sma…
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  • User Management and Contact List type
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    Good morning, If I am understanding this correctly, the User Management is what the Contact List type draws from to populate names.   Is there a way to create different groups within the User Management area? For instance, I'd like to …
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  • Can I 'hide' lines from certain people?
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    Hi,  I have project plans that are shared with both internal and external people - is there a way to 'hide' some line items from external/nomiated people? Thanks!
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