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  • How can I archive sheets that I no longer use?
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    My team has a bunch of sheets that we do not use but we might need to reference later. Whats the best method for archiving sheets we are not using so they do not clutter up our accounts or count towards our sheet count but with the ability…
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  • Enterprise Account Benefits
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    We have been living in the sheets for a couple years now and just signed up to the enterprise level. I have seen some questions and things in here that are wanting to know more. I wanted to say that at the Enterprise level the support is t…
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  • User account question
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    We have a team license and are looking to move to an enterprise license module.  I requested a call from Smartsheet using the web form and haven't heard back from anyone.  Also curious to hear if others are currently using the Enterprise l…
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  • Used wrong email address
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    When I created my Smartsheet account I used my gmail account and should have used my corporate account. What can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance!
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