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  • What is the max number of sheets a user can create in Business plan?
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello everyone! I've checked this page  it doesn't show the storage limit not the numbe of sheets limt. I need to know this because we have hundreds of projects we were planning to put each…
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  • Time Tracking - Hours and Minutes
    In Formulas and Functions
    I was working on a way to track some task hours and minutes... came up with this: One of the problems I ran into is that if you put "00" (double-ought) or any minute with a preceding zero, it would error. You can see the work-ar…
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  • Formula for percent match to a multi select column
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I'm working matching mentors and mentees.  We would like to match them based on attributes they both selected in a multi select column.  As in, choose your top three competencies.  Now I would like to make a formula to determine the pe…
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  • Email as form field and for copy of responses
    In Using Smartsheet
    My organization has just started using Smartsheet and I created my first form. I have a required "Email" field. I also enable the submitter the option to receive a email copy of their submission, which also requires an email. I a…
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  • purpose build bar-code Scanners + Smartsheet
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    Can anyone recommend a purpose-built portable device for scanning barcodes that could be used with the SmartSheet (i.e. not a smartphone or tablet)? We're looking for something we can use in a laboratory environment, so it should be fairly…
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  • Document Management Systems
    In API & Developers
    Hello All, We are using SS and considering DMS options (Efilecabinet, Box, M-file) to manage the bulk of docs we handle in the process. Wondering if anyone in the community that has a DMS in place can provide feedback or advice on their …
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  • Volunteer Allocation
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi All,  I am attempting to find a solution for a specific manual task that is error prone and very time intensive - We need about 300 volunteers occasionally on short notice and need them across multiple cities in 20-50 specific location…
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  • Email User Completed Form
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    I have created a form to capture some series of data. One of the fields on the form is for the user that is completing the form to key in their email address.  I would like to create workflow automation when a certain trigger has taken pla…
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  • No AVERAGEIFS so I tried AVG(COLLECT) but can't get it to work with multiple criteria
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the average of the operational speed [plants/h] only if the [job type] is "Grafting TOM" (cells highlighted in yellow) and also IF [week NO] is a certain value: so basically the average speed for each …
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  • Select a user defined value for a default in a form
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I have an inventory sheet where users are putting products in a box, the user would like to minimize the number of clicks as they are moving large number of products a day but these products will go into several boxes. is there a way t…
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