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  • Can a SUMIF Formula be used to pull info from another sheet?
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    I have an order manifest that i would like to use a formula to bring info from to another sheet that is a running stock sheet. The formula will look at the order manifest and serch a part number and return the quantity that is on order to …
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  • Smartsheet Document Library
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    Has anyone at Smartsheet considered a document -folder/file library built into the platform? I want to allow sharing with an integrated document library so they can use these documents such as fillable PDF's/Word/Excel together with rows …
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  • Help with a formula
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    Hello, This is probably a basic question... I am wondering how to input a formula that would allow me to calculate the value/price of something based on a drop-down selection. For instance, column A would have a drop-down options listing…
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  • Email alert when not modified
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    Hi All i have created a card view that are work packages for staff, i am requiring them to update the cards every 7/14 days with status and commentary. is their a way to build an alert that sends an email to either myself and/or the assi…
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  • First email sent as update request does not appear in activity log or in comments box
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    Is there a way to show the first request and attachments sent as part of a thread- so it can be tracked from the start. Does not see to appear in either the comments box or the activity log...or am I missing something?
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  • Cell Linking Autofill or other means when sheet too big
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    I sent in a comment to Customer Success that the sheet is getting slow performance.  The response was bust it up into multiple sheets.  Well I like the idea, I'm not sure I like the solution - it make everything now manual unless someone c…
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  • Countif a value AND Completed Date not Blank
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    Struggling with the right equation.  Completed Date Column  has no end range (rows can continue to be added at anytime via a form).  Size Column has many different sizes 32, 40, 50, 60, 72, 80, 100, 106 that can be in the column.   In addi…
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  • Enable/Disable cells
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    Hello everyone Is there a way to make enable or disable a cells according to the values ​​of another cell. A kind of conditional formatting with making enable or disable cells. Thank you in advance 
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  • PM Solutions
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    It's going on 14 days and I still have no idea how to access the Solutions PM templates discussed in this webinar:  Customer Support has been no help what so ever.   Can anyone provide LINKS to…
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  • All videos simple - don't show realty use of training needs
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    Anyone noticed that all trainging videos are so simple of solutions they really don't help with much beyond the most basic.   Like conditional formatting - show me how to deal with wanting multiple columns to change format based on one c…
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