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  • Sync to Google Drive
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    How can I sync a sheet from Smartsheet in to Google Drive folder/file
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  • Looking for some suggestions or Ideas
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    We have been using Smartsheet for a few months now and want to enhance what we do.   We run our customer projects on Smartsheet (all working fine).   We would like to create a Change Control Web Form, however we want to pick up the Cus…
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  • Live Data Connector
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    We're considering upgrading to the Enterprise license so that we can use the Live Data Connector, but before we do, wanted to confirm if you can build reports against "Resource Views" data?     From what I've read, can certainl…
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  • Odd Outlook question
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    Hi - I had tried to add the outlook add-in at one point, but because I have an o365 account through work that redirected me at the login, it didn't work. I would try and get it using the link on the smartsheet site via the store (https://s…
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  • Smartsheet and Asana
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    I'd like to be able to send things from smartsheet across to Asana and vice versa. Ideally I'd like to be able to send steps in Asana across to projects in Smartsheet. As Smartsheet integrates way better with google Calendar etc. Is this p…
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  • CTRL + F Does No Longer do a global search
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    It takes extra time now to do a search.. can we have our CTRL + F feature back?
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  • RSS feed from a row on a sheet?
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    Google docs has had this function forever but it would be great to get out of reliance on them and into Smartsheet for generating RSS feeds.   We have digital signage that can display content from an RSS feed. It would be great if we cou…
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  • Online Customer Order Forms for Customers and Sales Team
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    Hi, I signed up the free trial and have been watching a few of the smartsheet videos and playing around in the dashboard  but I still am not clear if smartsheet will work for us and I'm hoping to share what I am looking for and then someo…
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  • smartsheet security certificate not recognized.
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    I keep getting this message, where chrome reminds me the certificate is not valid. How can I get my Mac/Chrome to recognize smartsheet?  I have similar problems now with other items too - apple store, twitter...stuff I use rarely and don't…
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  • Changing to Office 365 login
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    Good morning,   We now have Office 365 for some of our licensees/users. How can I integrate my current Smartsheet account under my old email address with our new O365 email? FYI that I do have the Smartsheet app for O365 Outlook install…
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