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  • Creating automated row for smartsheet
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    Hey there,   Is there anyway to make a row on a document I have created on my smartsheet to have an automated function that, when that row is merged via google docs, the original document on smartsheet has this noted.   For instance, I…
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  • External References
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    Hello,   I would like to create two separate sheets where in the second sheet I can make reference to cells in the first sheet.  Is this possible and if so, will the data update automatically in sheet 2 when sheet 1 is altered.   Thank…
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  • How to link appended cells /row in source sheet to destination sheet
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    Hi,   I have ben able to learn how to link cells from source sheets to destination sheets and observed auto refresh in destination sheetfor teh cells linked already. My query is, if additional cells/rows are appended in source sheets ( …
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  • baseline - actual dates
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    This post is in regards to this post below.  I would like to get in touch with Jeremy michels to see if he will share the sheets he references with me.Any help will be appreciatedThanks so muchLouise Jeremy Michels601 ptsApril 5, 2015 8:30…
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  • Creating a Summary View Sheet
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    I have a sheet which has information on Projects and Activities my team are working on across the whole of my region.   If has columns such as Activity Title, Person, Region, Partner, Status     This shee it great but I would like to cr…
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  • Tracking Assigned Tasks
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    Dears,   How to view a specific person tasks on smartsheet, i assign multiple tasks for multiple users so what is the best way to keep informed or to check the update of a specific person tasks.   Thanks.    
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  • Automate archiving of completed tasks
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    I've copied a sheet of "Current Tasks" so that I can use the copy to archive my "Completed Tasks," otherwise they just fill up my task sheet.   I notice that there's a feature for linking cells, but I'm trying to figu…
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  • Best Practices in a large project
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    I am new to Smart Sheet (and loving it!) I am working with our annual meeting planning which includes everything from location search, contract signing, registration, etc. etc.    I can't decide whether this is all one sheet or whether i…
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  • Cell linking from Project to Project
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    Hello, when linking a cell from one project to another, is there anyway to have a lag - negative, for the task to start before then end of the linked cell or positive to have a delay.   Also, while I'm posting can a task be linked to a t…
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  • Looking for some suggestions or Ideas
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    We have been using Smartsheet for a few months now and want to enhance what we do.   We run our customer projects on Smartsheet (all working fine).   We would like to create a Change Control Web Form, however we want to pick up the Cus…
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