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  • Can I link TO another sheet instead of linking FROM?
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    I need to link my issue log rows to a master issues log in a different workspace in SmartSheet. However, my boss does not want anybody to make changes in his worksheet unless those changes are done by linking our issue rows to it. The only…
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  • Trying to create a fancy email with status reports from multiple teams
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    I'm trying to go a bit above and beyond, using SmartSheets to track the status of multiple projects across multiple teams. Currently, we have links to multiple sheets (one for each team) and they manually go in, add a new column per week, …
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  • Macro like functionality
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    Is there any method planned that would enable a change to trigger other changes.   For example, I'd like to be able to cut out a step in one of my sheets whereby if I mark a task as complete that it would automatically change the % compl…
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  • How to reference 100's of items with corresponding triggers to designate an end date.
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    Hi -   Our agency has a formal record retention policy that lists over 100 types of records that we store or have digitized in-house.      Question to answer/example:  If the documents for Site A fall under Record category 1, they  sho…
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  • Dependency between multiple RYGG cells
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    Hi,   Is it possible to create a complex dependency such that a task's status is derived from it's sub-tasks' status. i.e:           Status Task  AVG(ST1-4)   ST1    R   ST2    G   ST3    G   ST4    Y That way we could avoid manu…
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  • Advanced Cell Linking Capabilities?
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    When we list our monthly marketing promotions (what's new, what's on sale, what's exclusive) in our Marketing Master Plan, we link those cells to other sheets where it would be useful to have that data on hand (for copywriting, graphics de…
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  • Dashboard
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    I have developed a dashboard sheet that contains data from 3 different  source sheets.  Unfortunately, it requires me to manually input the data.  Is there a way to use a formluain  one sheet that relies on data from another sheet.  I know…
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  • Is it possible to Auto-Fill dates?
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    Hello, I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything through the search function...   I have prepared a template for event management.  We use the same structure for every one of these specific events th…
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  • Moving rows and losing formulae links.
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    Hi there,   I use smartsheet a lot to manage and track report issuing between multiple users. I regulary have problems when moving rows to enable organisation by priority and the cell links within the row change. I have to reapply the fo…
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  • Assigning Colors to Contacts
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    I use the gantt charts and calendars to make sure my contractors are not in two places at once.  Is there a way to color code each contractor so when I assign a task, it automatically shows in gantt and calendar view as the color assigned …
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